Conference rooms are the essential setting of the workplace.  Whether it's a small impromptu gathering of two or three people, or a large, organized gathering, conference rooms provide the place that facilitates collaboration and teamwork across multiple parties.

Smarter Systems provides multiple solutions for conference rooms of all sizes that could be utilized in various different fashions.  From offering pre-bundled starter packages to custom built, designed and furnished solutions, we have the full capability of realizing your vision for the perfect conference room.

How do We Define the Size of Conference Rooms? 

Small Conference Room: Sits 5 - 9 people

Medium Conference Room: Sits 9 - 12 people

Large Conference Room: Sits 12 - 15 people

Not seeing the size that fits your space? For smaller rooms, look into our huddle room options. For larger rooms, look into our training room options.

Ready to update your Conference Room but don't have the budget? JUMPSTART ROOMS is the perfect solution for you. 

JUMPSTART ROOMS are tailored meeting space solutions that fit any need at a low-monthly rate. Each bundle comes with best-in-class technology, professional installation, technical support and a solution replacement guarantee.


Need a guide on what should go in your conference room?

We've got the eBook for you! It has the answers to all of your questions about the most popular spaces, equipment, and pricing options as well.

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