Acoustic Design

Sometimes a sound system is designed and implemented correctly, but the acoustics of a room cause an issue with clarity and intelligibility of the amplified sound. Acoustic design is controlling sounds, correcting those issues. Our engineers assess your space and identify areas we can softening the noise in the room with acoustic panels. We install sound panels any place the acoustic amplification or reinforcement clarity is dimensioned, or where the environment itself is producing excess noise from things such as an air conditioning system or crowds of people.

Most often our clients need acoustic design help in spaces that have voice amplification such as churches or auditoriums. But we've also treated smaller conference rooms. These spaces are typically full of hard surfaces which cause the reverberation and usually need treatment on the ceiling and walls. Make sure you check out these projects to see how acoustic design is used.


Sound Masking

Today, the need for protecting speech privacy has never been more critical. With real estate space at a premium, we're commonly working in open spaces, and closer together than ever before. A sound masking system can help reduce noise distractions, boost productivity, and protect speech privacy. A sound masking system typically will have small or hidden speakers in the ceiling grid. A sound masking system can be used for public address or playing music.  We've installed sound masking systems in huddle and conference rooms, but you could find one just about anywhere.



Public Address

A public address system is compiled of microphones, amplifiers, and loudspeakers. It amplifies speech or music in virtually any venue. You'll find public address systems in auditoriums, churchesclassrooms, and outdoor stadiums. It's what would be used in any building or outdoor space to make an announcement. As part of our professional service offerings, our engineers will determine the size and coverage needed based on your use case and custom design a solution for your space.