Conference rooms are the backbone of the workplace. There is a need for conference rooms in all industries, so why are you waiting to update yours? The age of open floor-plans has made the conference room a critical component in the way organizations conduct operations.    

Our Conference Room Recommendations

How do We Define Conference Rooms? 

Small Conference Room: Sits 5 - 9 people

Medium Conference Room: Sits 9 - 12 people

Large Conference Room: Sits 12 - 15 people

Not seeing the size that fits your space? For smaller rooms, look into our huddle room options and for larger rooms, look into our training room options.

Ready to update your Conference Room but do not think you have the budget? JUMPSTART ROOMS is the perfect solution for you. 

JUMPSTART ROOMS are tailored meeting space solutions that fit any need at a low-monthly rate. Each bundle comes with best-in-class technology, professional installation, technical support and a solution replacement guarantee.


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What should be in my conference room?

Download our free guide today. It has the answers to all of your questions about the most popular spaces, equipment, and price.

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