Huddle rooms, much like conference room spaces, are rooms equipped with technology and furniture designed for meetings.  However, huddle rooms are a more specific variation - they seat up to five people, are best suited for impromptu meetings, and keep the tech to the absolute basics.  Since the COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of remote work, huddle rooms have quickly become not only an office staple, but a common feature in universities and libraries as well.

The technology in your huddle room plays an essential role in the overall functionality of the space.  Some may want only a display for easy presentation of content, but some may want a full microphone and camera setup for videoconferencing and remote collaboration.  Whatever the challenge may be, Smarter Systems has successfully designed boatloads of audio-video solutions that can cater to your perfect huddle room.

Smarter Systems' Huddle Room Recommendations

How do Huddle Rooms Differ from Traditional Conference Rooms? 

Huddle Rooms

Size: Sit up to at most 5 people.

Furniture: A small table, typically against the wall.

Functionality: Casual space utilized for small in-person meetings, virtual meetings or as a drop-in office space.

Conference Rooms

Size: Sit 5 or more people.

Furniture: A large table in the center of the room.

Functionality: Formal space utilized for company and team meetings and in-person client meetings.

Ready to update your Huddle Room but do not think you have the budget? JUMPSTART ROOMS is the perfect solution for you.

JUMPSTART ROOMS are tailored meeting space solutions that fit any need at a low-monthly rate. Each bundle comes with best-in-class technology, professional installation, technical support and a solution replacement guarantee.


What should be in my huddle room?

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