Wireless Video Conferencing

We are increasingly more mobile and not wanting to be tied down by wires, this as translated into the office as well and we have seen a large rise in the use of video conferencing in businesses.  There is a variety of professional-grade, secure solutions that allow anyone to walk into a room and begin a meeting effortlessly.  Whatever the environment, there is a wireless presentation solution that will work for your users.


Projection System

Projection systems typically consist of both a projector and a screen. The system is an excellent solution for large spaces such as large conference rooms, auditoriums, and training rooms where a video wall or large format flat panel display may be cost-prohibitive. The technology used in projectors has advanced and has enabled clearer pictures, brighter images and easier use.



Video Walls

Video walls include several flat panel displays arranged together to display one image or video across several screens or an assortment of images and video feeds broken up across the panel. This solution is utilized in a wide variety of settings such as an Emergency Response Center, large open spaces, and universities. CineMassive has developed advanced software that works expertly to give the users ultimate control and functionality of their video wall, this solution has been utilized by the military, municipalities and Emergency Response Centers all around the country.