The Smarter Systems Story

Smarter Systems launched in 2008 in Charlotte, North Carolina, as a company with a vision for designing and installing state of the art classroom technology for schools. Using touch-enabled SMART boards combined with dynamic educational software, educators gained the opportunity to interact with students through new and creative methods. 

As the company grew, the leadership team saw opportunities for taking interactive touch technology into the enterprise market to provide companies with improved systems for collaboration. Led by an energetic, forward-thinking sales leader, Lori Cook, Smarter Systems expanded its footprint outside of Charlotte by engaging corporate clients across the country. 

By building a team of expert engineers, programmers, and technicians, Smarter Systems began to consult and design all types of meeting space and conference room technology solutions for progressive school systems and large national corporations. 

Throughout the growth process, Smarter Systems has focused on its mission: 

Smarter Systems transforms the way our clients communicate and collaborate through technology solutions that increase productivity and effectiveness. We do this through innovative planning, quality installation, and responsive support services. 

In 2013, Ned Coleman, an educational sales leader who has been with the company since it launched, purchased Smarter Systems. He committed to continuing a legacy of delivering the highest level of quality and customer care in the audiovisual and collaborative technology space. 

Smarter Systems is committed to innovative solutions. Most importantly, the company reverberates with a passion for customer service and end-user engagement. As the story of Smarter Systems unfolds, it will remain established on a foundation of client support and partnership. 

Transform Your Conference Room

Smarter Systems strategically partners with the highest quality equipment providers to customize AV technology solutions that fit your needs. We have access to lots of options on the market, but the products included in this eBook are those our clients choose regularly.

Conference Room: Popular Technology Solutions