Each week millions of Americans gather to worship and celebrate their faith. The church sanctuary is a sacred location representing hope, peace, love, and safety. A church building is usually uniquely designed for each congregation. Some are small and cozy, while others are designed to seat thousands. The modern church integrates custom audio and video to help worshipers engage in music and teaching.  


The unique nature of the audio and video in a church requires experience and thought when planning a system. In contrast to a standard conference or huddle room, a church sanctuary represents an intersection of every audio and video element — many churches stream services to other rooms on campus, or lobbies. Audio and video integration is an essential tool for modern church infrastructure.     


There are a host of factors to consider when thinking through church facilities such as ceiling height, wall type, sight lines, microphone, and speaker placement, screen and display placement. The list doesn't stop there. 


Smarter Systems will come to your location and help you determine all of the elements of an audio and video system unique to your church to ensure you get the most out of the space. We will also train you. Church AV systems tend to have multiple moving parts. Our service doesn't end when we hang the last speaker or install the final mixer. We will provide documents for your system, show you and your team how to operate it, and even teach you light troubleshooting

So we're very thrilled with the work that was done here to the point where the contractor we originally had that put all these speakers in we're discontinuing that contract and starting a contract with Smarter Systems. 

Ryan Kiniry Director of Church Facilities

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