How We Provide Audiovisual Technology Excellence

Our clients tell us that our consistency in the delivery of services as an AV integrator is our core strength. No matter the project size, we follow a rigorous process to ensure top-notch delivery and service. Smarter Systems wants to make sure there are no surprises for any parties involved. This strategy is just one of the reasons Smarter Systems was recognized by the industry association as a provider of excellence (APEx). Below are the six phases we use to approach each project.

Smarter Systems Discovery Phase

Discovery Phase

In this phase, a member of our sales team will work with the client to gather the pertinent information needed for our engineering team. When possible, we complete a site survey and record all data on our site assessment form. Once use cases are defined and needs are determined, we then move to the Design Phase. 

Design Phase

Design Phase

In this phase, one of our CTS team members will customize a technology solution to meet the needs of our client. We provide a variety of options based on budget and functionality creating their desired integrated experience. Our team holds the highest industry certifications.  

Smarter Systems Project Phase

Project Phase

In this phase, our Operations Team will work with the design professionals and our client to ensure all the details are defined. They verify infrastructure requirements, delivery and security requirements, scheduling timeline, etc. We believe this phase is essential for a successful deployment.  

Smarter Systems Implementation Phase

Implementation Phase

In this phase, our technical team begins to assemble the components for each room, whether it is offsite at our facility or on location for the client. This phase includes cable pulls/terminations, rack fabrication, installing AV equipment based on design drawings, programming, etc. Once a room's components are in place, we then move into the Commissioning Phase. 

Demonstration Phase

Commissioning Phase

In this phase, it all comes together. Our CTS credentialed team will test each component extensively to ensure it is operating optimally. Once testing is complete in each room, we will schedule a walk-through with the client to orientate them with the new AV System. 

Tech support

Support Phase

After installation, Smarter Systems continues to offer excellent service. We maintain documentation of your project available for quick troubleshooting should you need us. We also provide specialized flex service plans to meet your support needs.

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