AV Control Systems

An AV control system is used to help automate an environment or take what's ordinarily complex and make it simple and easy to use. The AV control system issues a command to the AV equipment to control different aspects of the room. The command could be as simple as turning on the system in a huddle room to make a phone call. The AV control system could be used in a conference room, and control anything from the lights and shades to the input on the display. With certified programmers on staff, Smarter Systems is an expert at making the complex simple. 


Room Scheduling

Have a lot of rooms but no way to organize meetings?  Room scheduling is the way to go for you!  By mounting a small display to a wall right outside your conference room, a room scheduler can immediately display appointments the second they're booked.  You can even schedule a meeting directly on the display!  When you're using the room, two lights on the side also flash green or red depending on if the room is occupied, further allowing people to know if the room is being used.