Do you value simplicity or flexibility in your meeting room solutions?

May 10, 2022 8:11:00 AM / by Steve Tripi

When interacting with prospects and clients, I hear, “Keep this simple for us!” often.  This is understandable.  Who wants to struggle with a steep learning curve on mission critical equipment when you’re five minutes from a very important meeting?


As A/V Integration Professionals, we walk the fine line between simple and flexible.  “Keeping it simple” can narrow the scope of a system’s capabilities, rendering it less flexible with different software providers.  This simple request, however, could lead to challenges for end user.


Some systems we design serve one or two functions incredibly well.  Doing one thing reliably, consistently, without fail adds value for the end user.  Simply knowing something will work as intended ought not to be taken for granted in this ever-changing world.

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Take the JUMPSTART MEET platform for example.  A touch panel that joins your meeting immediately, without fail, appeals to many of Smarter Systems’ happy JUMPSTART ROOM clients.


However, this can lead to flexibility challenges, especially if your team needs to join several different kinds of meetings.  If your HR department prefers Microsoft Teams, while a valued client insists on a Zoom call, a JUMPSTART SET platform may be a better solution for your needs.


Your meeting room needs what we call “Bring Your Own Device” functionality offered in our JUMPSTART READY and SET ROOMS.  Turning your laptop into the meeting room host allows access to myriad virtual meetings platforms.  And it only requires connecting two cables to accomplish it.  Or better yet, let us add an in-room PC to your SET room, and let that machine do the heavy lifting.


That’s the core contrast between the JSR MEET, and the JSR SET.  The MEET hosts your meeting on either Microsoft Teams or Zoom, no computer required.  The SET allows you the flexibility to bring your computer, connect to the screen, mic, speakers, and camera for the room and host any meeting platform you could access from your computer.  Having the ability to host any virtual meeting is an attractive option for our clients who regularly use multiple platforms.


At its core, Smarter Systems’ mission is to solve your technology problems.  We deliver the solution that works best for YOU, whether you put a higher value on simplicity or flexibility.


Want to learn more about the nuances between ease-of-use and flexibility in A/V?  Give me a call and let’s talk!


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Steve Tripi

Written by Steve Tripi

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