JUMPSTART ROOMS, what is it?

Mar 29, 2021 11:42:18 AM / by Hailey Tynes

When a company needs new technology for their conference space, it can take weeks to months to get the proper system implemented and the cost can be extreme. Ned Coleman, CEO, had the vision to create pre-designed conference room system bundles to take the stress out of customer’s shopping process and lower the financial impact of implementing new technology. This idea blossomed into JUMPSTART ROOMS.

JUMPSTART ROOMS are unique conference room system bundles that are designed to solve most conference room needs. Our team of engineers and designers hand selected specific components for each bundle that enable end-users to work smarter.


When you choose your JUMPSTART ROOMS bundle, you are not simply getting technology, Smarter Systems becomes your very own in-house AV team. Your JUMPSTART ROOM will be professionally installed by our highly trained and certified technicians. If you experience complications with your system, our service team is on-call to answer any questions and fix any glitches. As your needs evolve you can trade your bundle for a different one that better fits your new needs, no fees, you simply pay the monthly price of your new JUMPSTART ROOM.


JUMPSTART ROOMS are offered at a low monthly rate, AV as a Service. We believe that companies should have access to the newest and greatest technology without breaking their budget. AV as a Service is the solution to this, with low monthly rates, companies can have the best technology, and update at any time. 


About the JUMPSTART ROOOMS Bundles


THE READY - LOGO - NONE - DBLUETHE READY is a simple and effective presentation system. Share your content in seconds with a high-speed HDMI cable. The 4K commercial quality display provides a crisp video and ample screen real estate for reviewing precise content. If your team needs to meet in person, this solution is READY for you.


THE SET - LOGO - NONE - DBLUETHE SET provides a simple and effective presentation and conferencing system. The system enables full room video with professional grade audio experience for end users all hosted from your own computer. The 4K commercial display provides crisp video and ample screen real estate for reviewing precise content. If your team holds group video conferences, this solution is SET for you.


THE MEET - LOGO - NONE - DBLUETHE MEET is an integrated presentation and video conferencing solution. A stylish touch panel and video bar merge sophistication with professional grade audio and video conferencing. You don’t even have to bring your computer. Simply schedule your meeting, invite the room, and press one button to launch your meeting experience! Exceed all of your conference expectations with THE MEET.


Each bundle is scalable to a huddle, small, medium and large meeting space.


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Written by Hailey Tynes

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