3 Things You May Not Have Known Smarter Systems Offers

Oct 28, 2020 11:45:00 AM / by Hailey Tynes

You already know Smarter Systems offers state of the art Audio Visual integration services, but did you know that we also offer a plethora of other products and services to help you work smarter? Some of these services include Openpath access control, SiriusXM business accounts and motorized shades. 

1.     Openpath, is a next generation access control system that utilizes cloud-based software to unlock your doors from your phone in your pocket. That sounds wonderful right? As we re-enter the workspace, it is important to take every step we can to ensure everyone is safe. But what really sets Openpath apart from other access control systems are the additional features:

    • Hands free access
    • Daily Health Assessments 
    • Thermal Detection and Screening
    • Contactless Elevator Integration
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2.     SiriusXM will enhance any office by adding your favorite jams into the flow of the workday. A SiriusXM business account offers over 100 business-friendly channels, 30+ channels with no DJ or commercials and music of various genres. Even better, SiriusXM can be streamed through most sound-masking systems including the Cambridge QT Pro Active Sound Masking System that we have in the Smarter Systems office. 

3.     Motorized window shades: Are you ready for your office to ditch the old-fashioned blinds that break any time someone bumps into them with a chair? Smarter Systems can install motorized window shades that can be controlled by voice command, touch and/or automation. The shades look sleek and professional and will upfit any workspace. 

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To make it all a seamless process, our integration engineers can install any or all of these products while up-fitting your space with the best AV technology. Reach out to us today to get a quote. 



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Hailey Tynes

Written by Hailey Tynes

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