Mention an auditorium, and you'll stir up a range of emotions. From exciting theatrical performances to boring lectures, to the bittersweet excitement of graduation ceremonies, an auditorium is a versatile setting used for a spectrum of presentations. Colleges and universities use auditoriums every day to educate students. Planning for the audio and video in an auditorium is essential for presentation and audience interaction.

The unique nature of the audio and video in an auditorium requires experience and thought when planning a system. In contrast to a standard conference or huddle room, an auditorium represents an intersection of every audio and video element. These high traffic spaces also need to function and handle the wear and tear of daily use. Your system needs to be durable and adaptable.

There are a host of factors to consider when thinking through a large functional presentation room. Things such as ceiling height, wall type, sight lines, presentation types, microphone and speaker placement, screen and display placement, audience interaction are all an essential part of the space. And the list doesn't stop there. Let the experts at Smarter Systems help you. 


As part of our professional services, Smarter Systems will come to your location and help you determine all of the elements of an audio and video system unique to your room(s) to ensure your organizations gets the most out of the space. We will also train you. An auditorium AV system tends to have multiple moving parts. We will provide documents for your system, show you and your team how to operate it, and even teach you light troubleshooting. Let us help you with your next auditorium audio video refresh.

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