Wireless or Wired Displays – What’s Best for My Conference Room?

Dec 28, 2022 7:45:00 AM / by Smarter Systems

To wire or not to wire? It’s a simple difference that many people might boil down to the preferences of the user.

Although wires make the plug and go easy to do in one step, the wireless could be argued to be just as easy with a simple connection dialog. However, the difference between the two is ultimately fundamental.

Wired Displays

Wired displays are mostly ideal in spaces that only need to have one device displayed on-screen. On top of that, they’re most beneficial in huddle spaces, which are notable because the table is always attached to the wall in a huddle room.

Having the proximity of the display not only makes the wired relationship more accessible but makes more sense when your display is right there. If your meeting only has two or so people, or even just one (in-person), the plug and play is always the better way to go.

Wireless Displays

Wireless displays, on the other hand, are perfect for any size conference room above a huddle, which increases its potential above the wired display. Unlike wired, you can bypass the hardware limitations of the display and host as many users on-screen as the software allows for.

For larger rooms, the wireless could save the hassle of running a wire through the presentation area, especially if it’s a large space. You can also have multiple users connect with speed and ease without having to move around the room, especially if you have a meeting that requires multiple presentations.

To also note, wireless systems can also be just as easy as plug and go systems. For example, our JUMPSTART ROOMS bundle “THE SET” has an extra called the Barco ClickShare, which allows anyone to screenshare with a USB connection and the click of a button.

The main idea behind the wired and wireless argument is again entirely subjective. If you’re looking for any solution though, Smarter Systems is willing and excited to collaborate on your next A/V project.

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