Who are you going to call?

Feb 16, 2022 10:30:00 AM / by Hailey Tynes

Who do you call when your technology does not work like it is supposed to? Your IT person, or maybe your go-to office fix it all. What if you could call your go-to trusted AV partner for any technology issues you have? 

Well, you can. Smarter Systems is ready to be your partner for all of your Audio Visual needs. Whether you invest in a complete design-build project or a JUMPSTART ROOM bundle, we are committed to your team's success with your AV solution. 

AdobeStock_179615051From a small issue that can be resolved over the phone to a large issue that requires our certified AV technicians to go on site, we are here for you. There is no technical issue too big or too small to call on your AV partner. This partnership takes the burden off of your team, enabling them to focus on the tasks that make your business run, while we focus on your technology. What does that mean for you in the long run? The potential for higher productivity and an increase in profit. 


This may sound too good to be true, but its not. We pride ourselves in the solutions we build and implement into businesses just like yours and if there is an issue we take it personally. It is your AV solution but we feel like proud aunts and uncles of that solution and want to ensure it is functioning correctly. 

For our JUMPSTART ROOMS clients we guarantee prioritized service support for any technical issues. On top of this, you receive extended warranties on the technology beyond the manufacturer warranty, ensuring that as long as you have your JUMPSTART ROOM, it will work for you! 

SO... who are you going to call when you have an issue with your technology?

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Hailey Tynes

Written by Hailey Tynes

Hailey is an experienced marketing coordinator with a fresh take on the AV industry.