What is a Huddle Room and How Can They Help My Business?

Jan 19, 2023 7:45:00 AM / by Smarter Systems

With the rising necessity for remote work in today's digital age, and especially so after the COVID-19 pandemic, modern-day businesses have had to completely change their methods of collaboration.  With modern problems come future solutions - and the future is today, here in the form of a huddle room.

So, what is this seemingly football termed room, and what does it do?  Essentially, a huddle room is a small, enclosed gathering space equipped with conferencing technology that is designed to house small meetings.  Every huddle room is built differently - but generally, the ideal huddle room has a space for gathering with five or so chairs, a monitor, camera, and speakers to present media and chat with off-site parties, and some sort of writing wall or brainstorming space.

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The nature of huddle rooms gives companies several key benefits.

Firstly, huddle rooms are designed to always be accessible towards whoever needs to use them, unlike the nature of more formal, fully planned and populated conference room meetings.  Teams could meet to discuss projects, brainstorm ideas, or go over the week's objectives, or a one-on-one meeting could occur between the heads of two departments.

Huddle rooms are also very cost efficient - with only a few pieces required to create a completely functional huddle room, multiple rooms could be created to help day-to-day tasking.  If an office space has unused, vacant spaces, they can be converted into huddle rooms efficiently and inexpensively, and allow prioritization of any office's larger, main conference room to be used purely for scheduled meetings.

Besides business to business conferencing, huddle rooms have many other potential uses.  A usually at-home worker or someone coming in from another company may use the space to get any work they need done, and still be able to comfortably collaborate with members on or off-site.  Employees can also use them to meet with clients with quick ease if a meeting is suddenly necessary.  The idea of the huddle room is not even purely limited to an office setting; many universities have implemented them in libraries for students to gather on projects or study privately.

If you're looking to include a huddle space in your office, Smarter Systems has not only multiple already bundled solutions with JUMPSTART ROOMS, but many other solutions that we can customize to your liking. We would love to collaborate on with any growing or established business.

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