Ultrawide Displays - What Are They?

Sep 7, 2023 7:00:00 AM / by Smarter Systems

Widescreen seemed revolutionary when it first came out in the mid 90s.  It almost seemed like we had one eye shut when we watched movies in 4:3!


What you didn't realize though is that 16:9 isn't as wide as we can get.

Hello 21:9!

In 2023, we're welcoming 21:9.  It was the buzz at this year's InfoComm, and for many good reasons.  Here's a few that you should know about.


Its main advantage is obviously the added space.  You not only have more room to present and show content, but a new interface that displays conferencing in a sleeker manner.  It also displays at a 5K resolution.


For users of Microsoft Teams, you should know about Microsoft Teams Front Row. By controlling the meeting with a room system, other presenters are placed at eye level, almost like you're talking to people across the desk.  Content is placed at the top of the screen, while the chat and list of attendees are shown on both sides.


The other primary advantage is bypassing a dual display system.  Not only is it a cleaner install, but it has less parts.  This means less programming, less labor time, and if your system malfunctions, less time on maintenance.  Besides, why have two 65" inch displays next to each other when the 21:9 display reaches a whopping 105"!?


21:9 doesn't just stop there, though.  If you're concerned about controlling the presentation from the board, we're happy to let you know that interactive displays in this ratio are now becoming available too!



So, What's the Drawbacks?

While the benefits of an ultrawide display are evident, compatibility challenges may arise.

Not all video conferencing platforms or collaboration tools fully support this aspect ratio, potentially leading to black bars or distorted images when viewing media.  While Microsoft Teams and Google Meet have caught up with the demand for 21:9, other clients have to yet to build a layout that supports this aspect ratio.


Another consideration when opting for an ultrawide display is the higher cost compared to traditional displays - they start at five digits.  For businesses on a budget, the additional investment may be a limiting factor.


But also keep in mind that 21:9 ratios are becoming very new in the conferencing world.  Especially as the technology improves, we'll start to see that price stabilize a little bit.  Weighing the benefits against the cost is essential to determine if the enhanced conferencing experience justifies the higher expenditure, but the outcome can be worth it if you need the extra space to present.



Do you want an ultrawide display in your board room?  For over fifteen years, Smarter Systems has been installing, servicing, and designing conference rooms that will propel your meetings to success.  Contact us today to innovate how you meet!

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