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Jan 5, 2022 11:45:00 AM / by Steve Tripi

When I attend networking events, the inevitable “…so, what do YOU do?” question arises. Of course, promoting your company and making connections are the whole point of those things, but answering what seems like a simple question proved difficult.

AV, in its simplest definition, is using technology to make connections. What that technology is, and how it works, and why it is necessary, are all important too. But communicating through technology rests at the core of our mission statement at Smarter Systems.


Sure, I could go into the whole pitch of what JUMPSTART ROOMS are, how they work, and their various configurations. But that’s self-important and indigestible. So instead, I’ll lead with “I’m Steve Tripi, and I help people communicate”. It’s easier. Even after working in broadcasting for years, you’d be surprised how hard it is to say a turn of phrase without stuttering.


I want to help your business communicate more effectively. JUMPSTART ROOMS are the vehicle to get you there.


The best product we offer is service. Why ask your over-worked IT department to handle yet another project? Let us shoulder that burden. That’s what separates Smarter Systems from the other guys. Smarter Systems’ concierge service means we are there to support any issues that arise from day 1 of install to the final day of the agreement.


AV As-A-Service allows flexibility, peace of mind, and control over your business’s bottom line. Meeting room solutions, featuring the latest technology, don’t come cheap.


Why shoulder the burden of a major capital expense, when that technology will depreciate? It’s really one of the few guarantees in this world. Aging, taxes, and the depreciation of technology. Fun, right?


Technology is not a return on investment.   That’s what makes our Solution Replacement Guarantee so valuable.  

You want to upgrade your technology in 36 months? Great! Let’s do it. You’re moving to a new location, and don’t want to take your system with you? Awesome! We’ll install a new one. It really is that simple.


Don’t spend another penny on capital expenses for AV technology. Let’s talk about how AV As-A-Service can help your business grow.

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Steve Tripi

Written by Steve Tripi

Steve loves to talk, which sparked his passion for Audio-Visual, and assisting people in finding a way to communicate in a productive, collaborative, and safe environment. He specializes in JUMPSTART ROOMS and is ready to help any team work smarter!