Poly X30 v X50 v X70 – what’s the most ideal for you?

Dec 8, 2022 7:45:00 AM / by Smarter Systems

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So, you want a Poly bar but don’t know where to start? How much does a Poly bar cost? Will it work in my office space?

Whatever it may be, you’ve made a great decision - Poly’s line of video bars in the Studio X series have been nothing short of legendary in the A/V world. Since being introduced in late 2019, it’s not hard to understand why this collection has been a staple of conference room systems in and after the pandemic, but also been a staple in our JUMPSTART ROOMS room bundles.

What Do ALL of these have in common?

One of the most asked questions of AV integrators is: “how can I start a meeting with one click?”.

With the Studio X line, it’s as simple as the touch of a button! The first and foremost thing about the Poly Studio X series is that they all have a “brain”, meaning it already has a conferencing system inside of it that’s ready to start calls with merely a few clicks.

The built-in cloud software is also integrated to support a variety of conferencing platforms – major platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams are supported, but it also has support for BlueJeans, Dialpad, GoToRoom, RingCentral and StarLeaf as well.

Hardware wise, the quality of the camera can stream up to a clean UHD 4K image. What’s most impressive about this though is the camera can automatically center on whoever’s talking. 5x digital zoom and auditorial spatial awareness allows you to achieve the clearest sound and image possible from whoever’s speaking. No need to worry re-positioning the bar itself to get everyone in the shot – that’s what this machine was built for!

Every Poly bar in this series is compatible with the Poly TC8, which is a nifty tablet built to control your meeting. The TC8 starts at a price of $748.95. Given it’s on the table, you can have anyone control the call rather than whoever’s nearest to the display!

So which one is the right one for you?

Poly X30 – Smaller Rooms & Intimate Settings

Here’s where the bits and pieces start to differentiate. The Poly X30, which starts at $2000, is the primo solution for a smaller meeting area. Designed for up to six participants, it has four microphones placed around the bar that strategically activate to present a clearer sound. The microphones can also pick up sound consistently from within a 15 ft radius!

The specs for the X30 are cut to the simplest, but most functional solution possible. With the TC8 included, you can get this whole bundle for an MSRP of $2500.

If you'd like to see the Poly X30 in action, check out this short video we made here!

Poly X50 – Medium Rooms & Conference Areas

The Poly X50, which starts at $3500, takes things up a notch to accommodate for a larger setting. This video bar can navigate meetings of about ten people, so the microphone range is jolted up to 25 feet.

This solution not only has the capacity to support two displays, but it also comes equipped with rich stereo speakers. The X50 also allows you the option to plug in extensions for microphones or an external camera if needed. With the TC8 included, you can get this whole bundle for an MSRP of $4000.

Poly X70 – Large Conference & Training Rooms

The Poly X70 is the absolute beast of the X Series family. A new addition to the Studio X line, it debuted in late 2021 at the starting price of $7499.95.

Firstly, instead of one camera, this bar has a wide angle and a narrow camera that the bar seamlessly switches between, or even displays simultaneously if there’s more than one speaker at a time. It also ups the zoom to a whopping 7.3x rather than 5x. These features allow a very large meeting of 15 people or more to be reliably and clearly transmitted.

Additional features include a motorized privacy shutter, dual display options, multiple camera and microphone inputs, and years of future proofing ahead of you. This one is always bundled with the TC8 – so no need to add any more dollars!

How Should I Set Up the Poly Bar?

If you’re interested in purchasing a Poly bar but unsure how to install, give us a call! In our JUMPSTART ROOMS MEET bundle, you get a combination of not only a Poly bar that ideally fits your room size, but also the Poly TC8, a premier 4K display, and many other additions to choose from.

If you're interested in checking out what we have to offer, take a look at our JUMPSTART ROOMS page here!


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