Is your access control system right for your space?

Nov 3, 2020 10:15:00 AM / by Hailey Tynes

What exactly is access control? Access control is a form of physical security that manages access points of a given area, managing who has access to that area, and when they have access, and tracks who enters various areas. 

What does your current access control system look like, is it serving all of your needs? Openpath is a next generation access control system that utilizes cloud-based software to authenticate based on your phone, and Smarter Systems can get you setup with everything you need.

As businesses begin and continue to re-enter the workspace, it is important to take every step possible to ensure the safety and health of everyone. Openpath sets itself apart from other access control systems through the features that ensure each space is properly equipped for workers to return to the workspace. Some of these features include: 

  • Hands-free access: Each system is set up with encrypted credentials that support touchless access with smartphones, cards, fobs and even Apple watches. This can even be implemented with certain elevators through API integration. 

    Openpath Access Control
  • Wellness Verifications: The wellness attestation form automatically requires anyone using the Openpath system to confirm health information such as symptoms before being granted access to a given area. If the screening is not passed, access can be denied.

  • Temperature Screenings: Openpath makes it easy to integrate access control with thermal cameras. With cameras positioned at entry points, access can be denied for 24 hours if the temperature check is failed.

    Woman In Mask
  • Occupancy Management: Each business has their own regulations on how many patrons can be inside at one time, to help in the control of that number, Openpath offers occupancy management. This can be done through three different methods: alternating schedules with access allowances, track occupancy with Bluetooth capabilities and tracking occupancy with Openpath Premium. 

Openpath has industry solutions for enterprise businesses, education, religious facilities, retail, and commercial real estate. Are you ready to make the advancement in your access control system? 


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