5 Ways You Can Navigate Frustrating & Standstill Supply Chain Delays

Nov 10, 2022 7:45:00 AM / by Steve Tripi


             In the modern world, it seems any idea is being a reality thanks to accelerating technological advancements. However, it only takes one component not being delivered to leave a project incomplete.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the global semiconductor shortage has done irreparable damage to international supply chains that economists expect to last through 2024. With more of our daily lives expanding to involve technology, and especially given the purpose of the A/V industry, this can bring a sleuth of impasses to delivering solutions to customers.

However, in the age of innovation, we shouldn’t expect to be held back by this, but rather, think of ways to overcome these problems and plan accordingly to ensure synergetic, handshaken conclusions.

So what can you do?

  • Communicate effectively. Maintain contact with your clients, distributors, suppliers, and manufacturers to ensure the most recent supply information is current.

  • Plan ahead. Preserve a robust stock of accessible equipment. Smarter Systems has procured a healthy stable of common items that recur in system designs, easing installation delay tensions.

  • Manage expectations. Again, supply chain delays are expected to persist through 2024. Plan for potential delays on a system upgrade. Perhaps your upgrade can protract in phases, accommodating for short, medium, and long term gains.

  • Design creatively. Leverage your A/V integrator’s expertise to repurpose existing equipment, reducing cost and equipment delays. Our expert engineering team works tirelessly to deliver imaginative solutions to clients. A deep product and system knowledge presents multiple solutions to the same problem.

  • Consult expert opinion. Work with the A/V consultants that can deliver results effectively. Smarter Systems works with you to solve your technology problems. From discovery and design, through installation and commissioning, we are your partner in this process.

Despite industry challenges, we’re committed to delivering timely solutions that cater to your specifications. Book a meeting with us today to see how we can JUMPSTART your A/V experience!

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Steve Tripi

Written by Steve Tripi

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