Five New, Cool Things We Saw at InfoComm This Year

Jun 22, 2023 7:00:00 AM / by Smarter Systems


For any A/V professional, InfoComm is the ultimate field trip.  Not only do you get to get a few days out of the office (woo!), but you spend the week checking out new gadgets, mingling, and soaking in the Florida sun.


So it's no guess that we saw a few things we liked this year.  Here's a list, with some on-the-street footage!




Poly Studio X52

Poly has finally released the sequel to their Poly Studio X50 bar, which is a staple of many of our conferencing solutions, JUMPSTART ROOMS or not.




Here's two key components they improved:

  • Design for visual equity

The term "visual equity" is a new concept in A/V.   The idea is that for every participant you have, the screen will be equally divided so no one is left out.  This has led to an innovation in conferencing called "people framing".


In earlier Poly Studio X models, framing someone was generally restricted to either group framing (where the entire group is framed at once, regardless of who is speaking), or speaker framing (where only the speaker is framed).



Both of these can be problematic for various reasons.  If you have a large group of people, it can be boring to look at, and tedious to locate the speaker.  On the inverse, if you have speaker framing, it can get disorienting to watch the camera catch up with multiple people!


Here's where people framing comes in.  Everyone gets an equal slice of the pie.  You'd think that this would only apply to participants on the other side of the screen, but think again!  This effect also works when you have multiple people in the room with the X52.  You can see a demonstration of this below!


  • Camera upgrades

The camera on this one is incredible.  Never worry about missing the fine details anymore....with 20MP to spare at a 5x digital zoom, you'll always be in focus!  The camera also comes at a slick 95° HFOV to capture everyone in sight!


Poly TC10

Continuing to improve their Studio X line, the Poly TC10 is the next step in Poly's line of tabletop touch panels.




The most obvious difference with this one is that instead of being 8 inches across, it's now 10!


But there's much more to it than that.  The TC10 allows for a more customizable user experience, allowing integrators to include any additional lighting, audio, and video controls that get included with the Poly system.  


But another interesting feature with is that it can double as a room scheduler.  Mount it on the wall next to your room!  LED lights behind the display flicker green or red when the room is being used or not, and a full calendar of the room's availability displays 24/7.


21:9 Displays

Would you think we're crazy if we said that 21:9 would replace 16:9 as the standard for widescreen displays?  Maybe not for residential purposes, but in commercial conferencing settings, you're more than likely to see a few pop up in the next year.
There were all over InfoComm this year.  The fundamental purpose for wider displays ties back to meeting equity as we mentioned before.  With Microsoft Teams Front Row, you not only have enough room to see everyone at eye level, but also see a list of participants, the content, and the chat!
There's a couple of companies making these - Jupiter seems to be spearheading this, but Avocor is leading the charge for interactive 21:9 displays.  Microsoft has started including them in their Signature Teams Rooms bundles.  We'll be putting out an article soon that goes in depth with these....check back in a few weeks!


Transparent LED Walls

In the past few years, we've seen the price of video walls dramatically drop.  But we've also seen a giant leap of innovation take place in the video wall market.

This stems from the movement to LED from LCD, and the most development of transparent video walls, which have taken the A/V market by storm.  Imagine heightening the view of a cityscape with colorful text and images welcoming your guests!  Check out the video below to see an example.
But another thing is, will we see video walls take over displays?  Now that the price of LEDs are dramatically dropping, and companies are grabbing for bigger and bigger displays, we might see video walls become conferencing's go-tos in a few years.  We're already seeing this trend in residential A/V...just wait till it comes to commercial!

Barco ClickShare CX-50 Gen2


 Barco's flagship Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) Solution has gotten a significant upgrade!


Designed for medium to large Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) collaboration spaces, this screen sharing appliance makes easy and effective use of dual screens allowing people and content side by side.  It happens so seamlessly that you might forget you're hosting the meeting from your own device.


Leveraging the Barco ClickShare CX-50 in the conference room is as easy as plugging in the wireless button and pressing it.  Alternatively, if you have the click share software already installed on your computer it will recognize that you're in the room and you can have a fully button-less experience.


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