Everything Everywhere All At Once

Jul 6, 2023 7:30:00 AM / by Steve Tripi


When it comes to A/V, can you really have Everything Everywhere All At Once?


This is an obvious nod to this year’s Best Picture Winner (I still haven’t seen it), but I’m genuinely asking.


Sometimes, when it comes to virtual meeting rooms, the simplest answer tends to be the best one. Not necessarily the right one (sorry Occam), but the best one.


Smarter Systems solves lots of A/V problems. We know our way around the latest technology solutions. But that doesn’t mean you NEED all the technology solutions all the time.


In fact, we’d typically steer you away from those sorts of systems. Why? Because Everything Everywhere All At Once is probably way more system than you need.

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It’s not to say that we can’t or we won’t do that. It’s more that our job is to recommend solutions for your needs.


For example, if your team hosts MS Teams 99 out of 100 meetings in a month, you’re a great candidate for a dedicated Teams Room System. Why?


Because the likelihood you’ll need to host any other virtual meeting is so slim, going with a one-touch-to-join meeting option is the best solution for you.

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Touch a button on a screen and you’re in.


If your team is jumping from Zoom, to Webex, to Google Meet in the same day, you’re looking more open-ended. Great! We can solve that too.


The tricky part is when you want both things at once. Not that it can’t be done. But rather, should it?


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If you want a one-touch-to-join system for all meetings all the time, that is likely going to jump your budget by an order of unnecessary magnitude.


If you want to have multiple sources connect to the same meeting peripherals, that’s gonna jump your budget by an order of magnitude.


Think not in terms of can, but rather, why? If you can solve the problem in two steps versus five, why use five steps?


In A/V, you can have Everything Everywhere All At Once. The better question is, why?

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