Cable Management: Why It Matters

Aug 3, 2023 7:30:00 AM / by Smarter Systems

Cables - we've dealt with them since the invention of the telegraph.  We've figured out interesting ways to dress, coil, and place them all around the world to facilitate communication.


But even though they may be annoying to deal with, you can't neglect them.  To have a functioning system, you don't exactly need to have neatly placed cables.  They just need to be plugged in correctly...….right?


But what if your server crashes, or a device in your control system mysteriously burns out?  And when you call the service technician to come diagnose the problem, they're met with this:




Not only will your service tech wad through all of the cables to diagnose the problem, but it's going to cost you WAY more money and time than it should've in the first place.  Outages are already annoying enough, but if your downtime lasts for days, the incurring costs seem to multiply rather than add up.


And if you've got another problem down the road.....prepare to repeat this over and over.


It's easy to fall into the rabbit hole of not caring about cable management, but the truth is that it's an essential part of systems management.


Here's four reasons why cable management works.


Prevents Worker Accidents


Imagine walking through a dense jungle filled with vines.  But, you can't break the vines to get where you need to go.


That'd be your server room every time someone tries to walk in there!  If there's cables strewn on the floor, dangling in the air, and otherwise randomly popping out of places, it's a no brainer that someone's eventually going to slip and fall.


Maintain Fire & Safety Requirements


It should also be noted that managing cables prevents fires.  Having faulty, frayed, or loose wiring is a common cause of electrical fires in a corporate environment.


By having neat cables, you're keeping your office building up to fire code and preventing the worst from happening.


Promote Longer Cable Life


When the technician above is working on the system, he's going to have to sift through all of those cables, constantly pushing and moving them.  This will not only wear the cables, but potentially cause even more problems later down the road.


By managing the cables when the system is installed, you prevent the manipulation and movement of cabling, which increases their lifespan by a whole lot.


It Just Looks Better

Imagine you have a partner over for a meeting, and your conference room has tons of exposed cables poking behind the display.


It's going to be not only a bad first impression, but an eyesore throughout the entire meeting.  Check out the video below to see what a simple, cleaned up solution can do for your meeting space.

You'll also benefit from having cables that are properly tagged, which allows any service tech to easily identify what goes to what.




If you've got a system that needs cleaning up, you're in luck.  We're a commercial AV integrator that's installed and serviced solutions for businesses all over the Charlotte metro area and beyond for fifteen years.  Our experienced technicians will organize your cables with no problems!

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