A to Z Guide of Returning to the Office

Jun 29, 2021 10:45:00 AM / by Hailey Tynes

We've never faced anything like the past year in our lifetime, and we've never had think level of shock to the workforce. As we re-enter the office, we need guidance on how to adjust to the new status quo. Follow the A to Z Guide to Returning to the Office to help your team thrive! 

Attitude – Having a positive attitude is key to having a smooth transition back into the office. Your team is relying on you to be leader during this shift, and your attitude will determine theirs.

Behavior – Having a standard of behavior expected in the office will help shape how the transition takes place, whether it’s a smooth and positive transition or a negative one.

Communication – Have a constant flow of open communication. Each team member will have varying feelings about returning to the office and having strong communication will ensure they feel valued and heard.

Dedication – Be dedicated to your team, let them know you are dedicated to them. This will prove to your team that they are valued and honored and allow them to speak openly and honestly with you about the transition back into the office.

Education – Educate yourself and your team about best and safe practices as you return to the office.

Flexibility – Provide a flexible schedule to team members that aren’t 100% ready to be back in the office full time. The last year has been hard on everyone and providing flexibility will help ease the transition.

Grace – Give grace to each team member and to yourself, this is all new and different than what we are used to.

Hybrid – Create a hybrid working environment, employees have gotten used to the flexibility of working from home. A hybrid working environment will help ease the transition back into the office.

Innovation – Find innovative ways to work together in the office and from home. This can be through new technology, new processes, new communication channels, and so much more. There is no limit to where innovation can take you.

Joy - Bring joy into the office, make it a place that your team wants to return to. You can do this by implementing in socially distanced happy hours, team activities, new groups, and organizations and so much more. If happiness defines the atmosphere, it will help bring your team back together.

Kindness – Encourage kindness throughout your team. You catch more bees with honey is a great saying that applies here. You are more likely to have a smooth transition if kindness is a key tool used.

Laughter – Find ways to introduce laughter into the workday. Laughter reduces stress and anxiety which are running high during this transition period.

Mindfulness – Be mindful of each employee’s situation. Each person has a different experience through this pandemic and being mindful of that will help build a stronger team.

Neighborly – Help those around you whether that be in your business park, or community. Community is essential to your business and giving back to it in whatever way you can.

OpennessHaving the office communication be open and candid promotes trust within the office. It will help bring the office together and united during the transition.

Presence – Be present for your team and be present for yourself. This will create a sense of openness and community in the office.

QuestionsAsk your team questions about how they feel, what they believe works and doesn’t work about your return to the office plan and be open to questions from your team. Provide a clear way for employees to submit questions to superior in both a direct and anonymous way.

ResourcesHaving resources for your staff is important to the transition. This could include having access to consolers, superiors, and external partners that help prepare your office for the transition. A valuable resource is an AV Integration partner that can help you up-fit your office technology to better serve your team during the transition.

StrategyHave a strategy in place upon the return to office time and be upfront with your team about what it entails. Though be ready for it to shift as you learn more about your teams needs and wants during this transition.

Technology – Implementing the right technology to meet and collaborate safely and effectively is key to returning to the office. This could include adding new video conferencing technology such as the Poly X30, X50 or Studio, Huddly IQ camera with a BiAmp Devio system, or any other of our amazing solutions.

UnityCreate a sense of unity within the office and within the team. Unity is what will make your team triumph over the coming obstacles.

VariationDon’t stick to your business-as-usual model because business is different now, how we work is different. Provide variation until you find what works best for your team now.

Willingness to UnderstandThis has been a challenging year for us all. Having a willingness to understand what your team has been through, how they’ve changed and adapted will

Xenial – Create a xenial environment, this will ensure your team feels warm and welcome in the office and you will have a more efficient workforce.

YouYou are the key to the success of your return to work procedure, if you are fully committed to your team, your team will succeed. 

Zoom – The implementation of Zoom or one of the other video conferencing systems will ensure your team stays connected with each other and with clients, near and far.


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Hailey Tynes

Written by Hailey Tynes

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