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Oct 12, 2021 1:15:00 PM / by Aidan Salmeron

Imagine a world without the financial stress caused by choosing a new AV solution. Affordability isn’t typically associated with Audio-Visual, that’s why Smarter Systems developed JUMPSTART ROOMS; a turnkey set of AV solutions designed to solve any of your meeting space needs at an affordable monthly price. 

When designing JUMPSTART ROOMS, our team took decades of experience of designing conference room solutions for Fortune 50 businesses into consideration to create affordable, fully equipped solutions. Typically, businesses purchase a new AV solution out right, JUMPSTART ROOMS offers a monthly cost alternative powered by AV-As-A-Service. 

As your business changes and grows, your technology will need to follow suit. JUMPSTART ROOMS enables you to change you solution to fit the new needs of your meeting space at no penalty or fee. This solution gives you the power to make your meeting space exactly what you need, when you need it. JUMPSTART ROOMS is the ideal solution to a dynamic work environment, do not get behind because your technology cannot keep up. 

Affordability should not exclude dependability, JUMPSTART ROOMS provides you with professional installation, technical support, and a solution replacement guarantee. Having a technical support team at your disposal to assist in times of need is essential to a smooth and professional meeting space. You already have enough on your plate, JUMPSTART ROOMS serve as the AV solution that you can trust, with a team behind you that you can trust. 

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Aidan Salmeron

Written by Aidan Salmeron

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