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Oct 5, 2021 1:15:00 PM / by Aidan Salmeron

With the hybrid workplace becoming the new norm, audio-visual solutions have emerged as an essential component to conferencing. As President & CEO of Smarter Systems, a top Audio-Visual integrator, with decades of experience in AV, Ned Coleman knows the ins and outs of the industry. We asked him for his take on how to choose the right AV solution, and he gave us 7 useful tips for those pursuing a change to their meeting space.  

Tip 1 - Pay Attention to Screen Size.  There are a variety of factors that determine the best screen size for your room. Two fundamental factors that must be considered are content type and participant positioning. The more detailed and complex the content, the larger the screen you will need. On the other hand, knowing the positioning of the meeting’s participants is essential. The screen size will greatly vary based on the participant’s positioning, reflecting the importance of choosing the best screen size for your room. We designed a display size calculator to assist in determining the best screen size for your space. 
Tip 2 - Video Might Get All of the Attention...But Audio is Just as Important! 

With an advanced audio solution, your conferences can go from a standard conversation to a game-changing meeting experience. Beamforming microphones are a popular audio solution because their technology amplifies the speaker's voice while diminishing echoes and background noises. While beamforming microphones are limited to small and medium-sized meeting spaces, ceiling-mounted audio systems provide an audio solution to larger meeting spaces. Ceiling-mounted audio yields an immersive audio experience that maximizes space for users involved. Although video is critical, it is key to address your room's audio and visual needs with equal importance. 

Tip 3 - Do NOT Forget About the Room’s Acoustics!  While the audio may sound perfect in the room, you need to consider how your audio will sound to virtual conference attendees. Acoustics serve as the foundation for the room’s audio performance. For rooms that have multiple hard surfaces, consider implementing acoustic panels to help absorb sound waves and reduce echoing.  
Tip 4 - Keep it Simple, More is Not Always Better.  Keeping it simple is the key to easing the stress of choosing the right AV solution. Years of research into what satisfies the needs of conference room users, JUMPSTART ROOMS were created. JUMPSTART ROOMS take the complex selection process and make it simple with their pre-packaged conference room solutions at an affordable monthly price. Turnkey AV solutions are at the heart of JUMPSTART ROOMS and provide you with a stress-free and revamped set of solutions. 
Tip 5 - Think About Your Furniture, There is More than Just the Traditional Conference Table.

The solution to your meeting space may lie within your furniture. A proper technological solution is crucial, but a revised furniture setup is the key to a productive conferencing experience. In order to incorporate all users in a large conference room, a trapezoidal table is recommended. The shape of the trapezoidal table will allow for meeting participants to effortlessly be captured in the camera’s view. Within the trapezoidal table, fundamental solutions such as HDMI and USB compatibility may be integrated. Revising your room’s furniture setup is essential to how the room looks on video and how the remote users are participating in the video. 

Tip 6 - Consistency, Pick a Standard and Stick with It!  Creating a variety of different functions for each meeting space may seem like a great idea, however, it can give a sense of clutter. If each room has different technology users can easily get confused on how to operate each system. By selecting a standard functionality and maintaining it, your meeting spaces will naturally increase productivity and maintain a simple user experience.
Tip 7 - Speech Privacy Is Important Having a secure meeting space is a vital piece of modern conferencing in a hybrid world. To achieve speech privacy in the conference room, a sound masking system must be implemented. Using elements like white or pink noise, sound masking helps to trick the ear into hearing the noise while blocking out any unwanted noise that may disrupt the meeting. For individuals outside of the meeting, a sound masking system will prevent the meeting’s noise from escaping. Using its capabilities, the proper speech privacy solution will maintain your conference’s security.  


There are numerous things to consider when thinking about implementing a new Audio-Visual Solution into your business. Smarter Systems is here to make that process easier for you! Contact us today for a free, no commitment consultation.  


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