Video Wall

Video walls have become a useful asset as many companies are utilizing this technology to keep their business at the forefront of innovation when it comes to video solutions. Visitors can learn all about a company and also listen to a host of various messages through the use of a video wall. Smarter Systems provides this experience to companies that are looking to add a touch of innovation to their business.

Latest Advances

The latest advances in video walls leverage the HD resolution of individual flat panel displays to create a massive Ultra HD visual experience. While this setup may appear rather complex, the reality is that it doesn’t require external hardware or software. It stands alone with a very clean look.

Now offering virtually bezel-free displays, these awe-inspiring displays can create a whole new way to reach potential customers while also educating existing customers. These large scale video walls are an impressive display and immediately grab the attention of people who are passing by. Video walls also enhance the visual appeal of a room.

Advances in design have equipped these video walls with integrated heat sensors and cooling fans. This kind of technology will recognize an increase in temperature and then automatically shut off while the cooling fans lower the temperature to an acceptable level.

The technology combines a host of smaller screens so that it appears to be one larger screen. Smarter Systems provides video wall solutions from industry leaders such as Samsung and NEC. Our team of professionals will work with each client to provide the best possible video wall solution.

A Consistent Message

Smarter Systems provides a way for companies to convey a continual message that is both visual and informational through the use of video walls. The clean and seamless setup of HD panels in a video wall makes for a futuristic experience that is both informative and memorable. Businesses have limited opportunities to expand their brand and video walls allow them to make the most out of each opportunity.

Instead of an ordinary wall, companies create an ongoing commercial that provides an aesthetically pleasing look. And the lack of external hardware only adds to the overall appeal.

Managing a business comes with managing the actual space within that business. And maximizing that space means maximizing potential. What better what to do that with an unending preview of everything that a business has to offer.  Taking advantage of video wall technology can allow companies to take their business to a whole new level.