Video Conferencing

Video conferences have the capability of bringing together professionals from all over the world and enabling them to collaborate on projects as if they were sitting right next to one another. The video conferencing solutions provided by Smarter Systems can make this a truly first-class experience. Our video conferencing solutions can cut operational costs while also allowing colleagues to maximize their time.

Technology has also enhanced the way video conferencing is done. Walking around the room during a meeting does not mean you will be out of the frame as 360 degree technology can follow an individual’s path. The production of these video conferences also includes highly advanced features such as what you might see in a SMART Board video conferencing solution.

Advanced Technologies For Your Business

The use of HD video provides clear pictures and imaging. Hands free cameras also make for an enhanced user experience. These systems are equipped with a touch control function and audio features that work to remove any kind of distractions.

Everything needed for effective video conferencing can be included in one comprehensive package brought to you by Smarter Systems. That includes displays and the cables that make this type of collaboration possible. Installation is fast an easy as video conferencing solutions can be made to adjust to the dimensions of any room. The following types of conferences continue to benefit from video conferencing solutions:

  • Sales meetings
  • Educational sessions
  • Product development
  • Health care consultations
  • Legal depositions

Modern Solutions for the Modern Age

Smarter Systems brings a host of innovations to its video conferencing solutions. That includes LED displays offered in an array of sizes, which are capable of accommodating all types of viewing rooms. Loudspeakers are also capable of filling every room without interference or distractions.

Conferencing solutions also feature pairing options that allow content to be sent from a smart device our cloud system. This expands the possibilities and ads to the conveniences when it comes to video conferencing. Touch displays bring another feature that allows users to incorporate documents, plans, and other types of pertinent information.

Enhancing the way business is done

Video conferencing has become a mainstream part of the business world and has also made distance learning much easier. The better quality of your video conferencing, the more productive the overall experience will be. Smarter Systems is ready to outfit your business, home or office with the highest quality video conferencing solutions. There is no reason why you cannot be on the cutting edge of video conferencing, with so many innovative options widely available.