Unified Conferencing Collaboration

unified-conferencing-collaboration and SMART Systems in Charlotte NC
The demand for video conferencing and collaboration has made an impact on all types of businesses. With so much business being conducted through this form of media, it has become essential to designate an area for this to take place. That has led to the development of video conferencing rooms that are equipped with the technology that has taken conferencing to a completely new level.

Smarter Systems has the capability to build integrated rooms for video conferencing such as the SMART Boards Room Systems for Skype (Standalone UCC solutions]. Our team can also outfit rooms with just the necessary tools to have a conferencing collaborative meeting. This type of technology allows customers to walk in with a laptop and connect to the room’s AV in order to access the display and integrated audio/video conferencing connections to conduct a voice/video meeting via Skype, GoTo Meeting, WebEx, Bluejeans, etc. Here is a more detailed look at the various solutions provided by Smarter Systems.

SMART Boards Video Conferencing Systems

SMART is a company that provides all the essentials for effective conferencing in the business world. The Smart Room System has been designed to provide more than just a communication tool, but rather a collaboration system. The interactive functions allow all participants to collaborate during a meeting. While participants can see each other on one screen, there is another screen that displays content which is accessible to all participants.  Any program can be used and users can directly add to the content or make any necessary changes.  It allows for true collaboration as participants can function as one cohesive unit, even when many miles separate them.

Creston Solutions

Creston has introduced its own version of a smart room conference solution, which provides an innovative collaboration system. Creston uses its own hardware combined with Skype® for Business software. This system incorporates the use of interactive content, video, chat, sharing and other key features. This type of collaboration can be utilized by colleagues, customers and partners at any time.

SMART Business Technologies At Work

Smarter Systems employs a team of professional technicians who can give your business the advantage it both needs and deserves. Adding a smart room can improve collaboration and make for a true team-oriented approach. Customers also appreciate the innovative benefits that come with this type of system. Staying productive in the business world means keeping pace with the latest advances in technology. Smarter Systems is ready to help advance your business to the next level.