Sports Complex

Sports complexes have a long list of responsibilities when it comes to hosting an event. Regardless of the size of that venue, audio solutions always remain a top priority. Sound systems and subsystems of all varieties require careful design and on-site configuration. That is where the help of a professional is extremely beneficial.

Sports venues actually present even more challenges in the area of audio solutions. Problems such as pattern control and sound projection are just a few of the obstacles that are necessary to overcome. Smarter Systems can provide assistance as we have successfully met a number of challenges when it comes to creating audio solutions for sports complexes. There is no job too big and no problem too difficult for our team to overcome.

Audio Solutions

Smarter Systems employs a team of OSHA-certified field engineers, who are capable of installing large speaker arrays to bring a clear, rich, and motivating audio experience. Large venues demand the right type of modifications to account for things like volume, space and bandwidth. There is a lot that goes into creating an effective audio system in large sports complexes. Smarter Systems has the experience and expertise to ensure a top-quality audio experience.

Smarter Systems also sells Community Speakers, which are perfect for large stadium settings. This system is equipped with many features, which include integrated voice alarm, audio for public address, audio source selection and much more. Smarter Systems uses equipment that produces high accuracy coverage patterns and top-quality sound to make for a truly unique audio experience. Concert quality audio is just as important as establishing intelligible audio from a public address announcer within a large venue.

Video Solutions

In addition to sound, Smarter Systems can deploy custom designed video distribution solutions applicable to sports complex sites. This is done through the use of fiber, high-speed copper, and network streaming solutions. There are a lot of complexities involved in this process, which is why Smarter Systems relies on years of experience to make sure every video solution is carried out with extreme precision.

These video and audio solutions are also available in a host of other settings, which can also bring about their own individual challenges. Smarter Systems can overcome those challenges and ensure that audio and video is of the highest quality in the following settings:

  • Multimedia exhibits
  • Live performances
  • Cinema and Theatre
  • Night Clubs and Restaurants