Robotics has evolved at an expeditious rate and that has enabled education and research to benefit a great deal. At Smarter Systems, our robotics solutions aim to help instructors at all levels connect with their students through the use of technology. We offer the solution of integrating a NAO humanoid robot into the learning environment. Students can learn code as they make the NAO robot dance, walk, and speak. The NAO humanoid is an actual robot with a head, face, arms, legs and fingers.

The robot runs off an internet connection that operates via WiFi and Ethernet. Once that connection is established, the learning possibilities are endless. The NAO humanoid robot is equipped with speech recognition in 20 different languages. It also includes over 50 sensors and two HD cameras that are equipped with facial recognition functions. The robot is equipped with four directional microphones as well.

It carries a weight of a mere 5.4 kg, which can make for easy and convenient transport. The robot can also fall down and get up on its own. Learning has suddenly become much more exciting with this new and innovative robotics technology.


The NAO robot has a curriculum that has been created for teachers by teachers as it can be an immense help in the classroom. There is also no limit to the age demographic that the NAO can accommodate. It has been utilized by small children all the way up through students at various universities.

Teachers at more elementary levels can use the robot to teach their students how to count and new ways to explore the world of writing. Meanwhile, instructors at the college level have also utilized this revolutionary technology in their higher education classes.


Researchers are capable of making their work a bit easier with the assistance of a NAO robot. Using an advanced robotic platform, researchers can take advantage of NAO’s interaction-focused operating system. There are a variety of learning applications as well and each researcher can tailor their NAO robot to meet their specific research needs.

The Future

Create your own animations and much more as programming the NAO robot can be done by both beginners and experts alike. The future has already arrived as robotics solutions can help in an array of settings. Smarter Systems offers robotics solutions for educators, researchers and business professionals, who can all enhance their work with the help of a NAO humanoid robot.