Presentation is everything and that rings very true in the business world and in the classroom. Boardrooms serve as a setting for many different presentations and those presentations could mean the difference between success and failure. Classroom presentations are also an integral part of instruction at all levels of education. That is why it is important to ensure that your visual content is at its best. Smarter Systems will apply the industry’s best practices when designing a solution that best meets the needs of each client.

The main goal in using a professional audiovisual systems is getting visual content onto a display screen for others to see.  That could mean the use of a flat panel and HDMI cable.  For more advanced boardrooms, that could call for a multi-display solution with integrated audio and video conferencing, as well as a touchscreen control system.  Presenters can count on Smarter Systems to incorporate the latest forms of technology into their systems.

  • Laser Projection Technology – Presentations have come a long way with the use of laser projection technology. These laser projectors are virtually maintenance free and have a high quality of brightness, color fidelity along with other impressive installations. It will make for a more visually appealing experience.
  • Control – One of the perks that comes with a Smarter Systems presentation solution is the ability to control all of tour technology in one place. That means adjusting the lighting and audio in your entire room with one simple device or touch screen. Unifying this system also alerts you to any malfunctions within any component of your technology.

Wireless Presentations

Wireless presentations allow presenters to use any kind of device for their respective presentations. That allows presenters to conduct their presentations from their very own laptops, tablets and smartphones. It makes for more convenient preparation as presenters can use whatever device they are most comfortable using. There is no need to convert their presentations into another form of media.

Sharing content is also made easier as the time saving solutions offered by wireless presentations makes for much more efficient presentations. Smarter Systems can provide a wireless solution that allows presenters to bring their presentation to life with a simple click push of a button. Audio and video conferencing will also receive an immediate upgrade as business communications are simplified with the help of the professionals at Smarter Systems.