Classroom Technologies

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Education is still all about learning, but the resources now available to educators and students have advanced by leaps and bounds.  That has led to more active learning environments as classroom technologies have vastly improved the entire educational experience. Smarter Systems offers a long line of these classroom technologies to help both educators and students.

  • Classroom AV Products – Interactive flat panels can now expand across the front of classrooms as panoramic dimensions provide a whole new learning experience. Touch screen technology enables active learning while mobile devices can also be utilized.
  • Learning Spaces – The perfect learning space can be customized to fit each particular classroom. That means incorporating various forms of learning technologies, such as a computer station, teleconferencing area and printing stations into the design of your learning environment.
  • Interactive Boards – Gone are the days of old chalkboards and dry erase boards. Classrooms can now feature interactive boards in which a projector is used to display images, notes and other classroom materials. Cloud systems allow students to sync their devices and use touch screen technology to add, adjust and move items around on the interactive board display.

Innovative Products

Smarter Systems provides classroom technologies from the industry leaders. SMART Board Products comprise a host of different technologies used in classroom innovation. This company has been thriving for more than 20 years and brings a variety of interactive products designed to make learning more enjoyable and interactive. Nureva Span also specializes in education solutions and offers a vast surplus of products designed with an innovative twist that enhance the classroom experience.

Education for the Future

Education has gone beyond just memorizing facts in textbooks or listening to hour long lectures. Education has now taken on a collaborative approach as critical thinking is expanded with the use of classroom technologies. Students are now encouraged to actually take part in the learning process as classroom technologies have given educators the advantage of teaching with the use of interactive materials.

The future remains wide open as technology continues to advance. That means staying current is a way of keeping education ahead of the learning curve. Smarter Systems can maximize the educational experience by offering a host of innovative products that have made learning a more enjoyable experience. Gone are the days of boring, drab classrooms as the future is now fun and exciting with a multitude of classroom technologies. Smarter Systems is ready to introduce your classroom to the future.