audio solutions in Charlotte NC
Audio visual solutions are a must in so many different types of settings. Whether helping a PA announcer address thousands of sports fans cheering on their favorite team or pumping dramatic music through a museum’s thematic theater, audio solutions are essential to any successful event. Audio solutions can also assure that in-room and remotely located meeting participants can clearly hear each other in a video conference. Smarter Systems’ audio integration expertise can make sure every message is conveyed clearly.

Planning an event comes with a host of details and that includes providing quality audio visual services. While the particular audio and messages may differ according to the type of event, all events deserve an audio solution that is up to the challenge. Smarter Systems can make sure the audio for your next event is of the highest quality. Our audio solutions are capable of accommodating events in the following types of settings: 

  • Meeting spaces – Program audio playback is available along with audio systems with acoustic echo cancellation for both audio and video conferencing.
  • Houses of worship – Sound systems play an integral role in churches and can be customized according to the specific setting.
  • Gym and auditoriums – Multipurpose audio solutions are available to accommodate the existing technology in these spaces as well as the size of the venue.
  • Theater/Screening Spaces – The use of surround sound and adjusting to the specific acoustics can turn any room into a capable screening space.

Advanced Sound Masking

Sound masking technology is able to produce sound which masks individual conversation and background noise. This is a way to ensure privacy of speech and the technology is found within loudspeakers commonly used at business events, houses of worships and other types of gatherings.

Latest Industry Technologies

At System Solutions, we offer more than just ordinary audio solutions. We integrate the latest technology into all of our audio, which includes the following:

  • Shure MXA – Corporate AV conferencing is enhanced with this innovative technology that uses high-quality microphones and can accommodate all conference rooms.
  • Nureva Mic Array/Conferencing solution – This audio conferencing system is brand new and makes conferencing seem as though it is being done face to face, no matter how many miles lie between participants.
  • Crestron AVIA digital signal processors and multi-channel amplifiers – This technology simplifies the audio programming and integration process by adapting to all kinds of digital media.
  • OAP – This company produces some of our favorite pro loudspeaker systems and has accumulated a 40-year history of dependability in this sector.
  • Shure – The latest in digital wireless microphone systems can make any event a success with clear sounding audio that is extremely reliable.